Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The great fake reflection footage that started it all in 7-09

-The fake blob recoils and separates from Roy's head when Greer fires revolver.
-The fake hand coming off wheel begins with 2 dots.
-They both make eye contact after turning back straight.
-Kellerman raises hand signaling that Greer's gonna shoot back.
-The white lane (by driver's door) comes into focus just in time to blend in with the fake grey streak which mirrored Greer's arm crossing that's seen in the nix film.
-The fake grey streak is over his shoulder first and then across when it's needed.
-The fake forehead reflection replacing Greer's hand is the only one that cannot independently be proven fake without the nix film or other evidence.
-Kellerman moves his head forward, backward and forward again in 1 second in an attempt to block the gun's view from the north side of Elm street.
-Watch the driver's door when Greer turns to shoot back. Something appears beneath the white lane which is very likely the curb.
-Watch the top of Greer's head after he shoots jfk. He still had a reflection, so they darkened it to distract from the silly fakery on Roy's head.

Greer's arm crosses in nix, confirming the logical reasons for Zapruder film fakery.

YouTube - Jfk Assassination the limo driver theory Debunked

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