Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Connally knew Greer was Kennedy's killer but took it to this grave
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From: Charles P
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Subject: Re. [Altered] Zapruder Film/Driver as Gunman

You may consider this additional validation of the "driver-gunman theory."

My brother met the nephew of Governor Connelly [THE one who was also shot while in the car with JFK], and one day the nephew asked the governor, his uncle, "Who do you think shot Kennedy, uncle?" and Governor Connelly said, without hesitation, "It was his driver who shot him."
Hmmm...from the mouth of one who was IN THE CAR, along with numerous eye-witnesses who said [in effect] "It sounded like firecrackers were going off IN the car," that's a pretty convincing testimony!

I've watched numerous versions of the Zapruder film, and in some you can [fairly] clearly see the driver turn, and with his LEFT hand, over his right shoulder, shoot a pistol at Kennedy, turn back and speed away! Think of the "magic thumb" trick magicians pull, when they stuff the handkerchief "into their hand", and it disappears! It's a BIG, hollow thumb you NEVER LOOK AT, because your attention is diverted--classic misdirection!

In all of my years, I never looked at the driver, [in the Zapruder film] because I was too distracted by JFK's exploding head, and Jackie climbing onto the back of the car! WHY would he [the driver] BRAKE "in the kill zone", TURN AROUND, TAKE HIS [left] HAND OFF THE WHEEL, WHILE LOOKING BACK, and THEN speed away, ESPECIALLY if he was a "chauffeur by trade"?

In some versions of the film, it's jerky, and you can't see this action the driver makes, as it's been removed, like you can in other versions. But I have seen it, and those who have examined the evidence of the damage to JFK's skull say it "could have been done by a handgun at close range." So...I don't care what the Discovery Channel [controlled media] says, when there is OVERWHELMING evidence, especially of the "Zapruder film" being altered [I'm quite knowledgeable on photography, former photo major with many years in photography/film], and the film HAS been doctored. So there you go...

Charles P

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