Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The right front battle...will it happen?

I knew last year the only battle left to fight was the truth against the red herring and the grassy knoll is the devil in sheeps clothing. The zapruder film was altered to make it look like the fatal shot came from the right side but it came from the front like most say but they leave out the little fact that the fence is a right side shot, totally inconsistent with a wound path necessary to cause the right rear exit.

The goons could make certain alterations to the film but nothing drastic, like making jfk go forward, the direction he would have went had the shot really come from the rear. They knew early on that witnesses reported shots from the grassy knoll so they went with that type of deception for the altered film that we all see today.

It's obvious they did NOT want the film to appear like the shot came from the driver even though it really does look that way if you are researching it but most people just saw it once or twice or people like Oliver Stone used the altered film to peddle the lie that is the grassy snow job. Make no mistake, Hollywood played a very important role in giving Americans an alternative to the absurd conclusions of the Warren Commission and covering up the real truth for the government, and of course making millions of $$$.

The red mist or blood spray is fake as many here have seen by seeing it form between 312-313. I've said it was painted in for two reasons. One, to prevent anyone from seeing the bullet enter jfk's right forehead and two, it gives the illusion that the right side of his head explodes. The Nix film is crucial in solving this case but so is the Muchmore film which provides a greater angle than nix or Z at the time of the headshot. In Muchmore, no red mist is showing and her angle is the best out of the three. Also, we see in zframe 319, the bleached gun going to the floor. Well, something similar happens in the other two films.

It looks like the shot came from the right side because that's what they wanted you to believe and everyone bought it hook, line and sinker. But, it's an obvious lie that was pretty easy to expose if you were researching it like myself and of course were willing to tell the truth if you found it. Everyone watching this close-up thinks it comes from the right side.

At closer examination, by looking at slow-motion clips, the alteration is crystal clear by viewing the fake red mist forming between frames 312-313.

The idiot, Bob Harris plays a very important role in exposing this all -important alteration to hide the front right entrance and Kennedy's real assassin, the driver. The fake reflection and fake mist are working in perfect sync to cause and hide the front right entrance but thanks to Bob, it's easy to see.

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