Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I did not crack the Da Vinci Code here. It's totally obvious that Greer fired the fatal shot.

The fake reflection causes the headshot by working in perfect sync with the fake blood mist. 312-313

In the nix film the headshot happens at the exact moment Greer's arm goes over his right shoulder which mirrors the altered zapruder film. It's that easy in a cartoon sort of way because that's exactly what the zfilm is, a cartoon of the driver shooting Kennedy.


  1. If you look in the small window behind Kellerman's head in the above 312-313 sequence; you will see a small shadow there POSSIBLY caused by Greer raising a gun up and left in by the Z film editors. The shadow looks too small to be caused by Greer's head.

  2. The Zapruder Film was altered and it also has "ghost" images in it.