Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Life never had the original Zfilm

Mr. LIEBELER. Now, Mr. Zapruder, after you had the film developed I understand Mr. Sorrels from the Secret Service came over and helped you get the films developed and you gave two copies of your films to Mr. Sorrels, is that correct?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. Yes. One we have sent to Washington the same night and one went over for the viewers of the FBI on Ervay Street.

Mr. LIEBELER. That's the Secret Service?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. The Secret Service
--I brought one roll there and they told me to dispatch it by Army plane or I don't know what they had done with it but it was supposed to have gone to Washington and one of them, I believe, remained here with Mr. Sorrels. He came to my office quite a few times to show them to different people.

Zapruder never had possession of the original film, period. The unedited film showed Greer clearly shooting Kennedy.
Mr. LIEBELER. Now, I understand that you, yourself, retained the original film?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. No; I don't have that at all--I don't have any at all. They were sold to Time and Life magazines.

Mr. LIEBELER. You sold that to Life magazine?


Time Life never had the original film, period. The original showed Greer clearly shooting Kennedy. This was a back room pay off for Abe. Zapruder never had any control of this film at all. He was just playing along and became a multimillionaire by keeping his mouth shut. The original with Greer clearly shooting Kennedy is likely locked up somewhere but will likely never be shown or see the light of day, certainly not in our life times.

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