Thursday, November 11, 2010

Debra Conway from JFK LANCER lies by ommission to her members about Greer placing gun in left hand

If you guys don't cut out the personal attacks you'll have to stop playing in my yard. I mean it. With both your intelligence, you should be able to respond and be witty without being insulting.

Meanwhile, the Zfilm does show evidence that Greer did not shoot the president. All it takes is looking closely.



She fails to tell her members that Greer places a covered up object in his left hand 4 seconds before he kills Kennedy.
Places gun in left hand with right.

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  1. Great work! It looks more and more like Greer killed Kennedy by shooting him. He clearly killed Kennedy by slowing the car down , so he killed Kennedy one way or another.

    Your work has made it clear to me that the shot did not come from Kennedy's right, and that it had to come from his left. Either from the South Knoll area or from Greer.

    One or the other.