Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The driver killed kennedy

I've looked at the film closely and here are some numbers which you can find yourself. The driver is looking at Kennedy before, during and immediately after the fatal shot. This is an anomaly of epic proportions if he didn't shoot Kennedy. He is driving the vehicle and manages to look at Kennedy a half second before the shot, at the moment, and right after in a moving car which he is driving. IT'S DNA IMPOSSIBLE.

And he lied about ever seeing Kennedy even though he was clearly looking at him twice in less than 2 seconds. He lied because he killed Kennedy and understood that that would raise questions as to why he didn't speed off after looking the first time. He was a stupid goon but managed to tell that much needed lie but we have the film to confirm he's looking right at jfk both times.

He turns around the first time at 272. Kellerman turned before at 260 so they are both looking at jfk at the same time until 289. They are both clearly aware that at least Kennedy has been hit and what do they do...slow the limo down and finish Kennedy off at point blank range. Greer turns back straight at 289, they both look at each around 290-292 and they know at that moment they are gonna shoot the sitting duck in the back seat. Greer starts his second turn at 301-302 and is looking right at Greer by 304 and turns away and pulls the gun down by 318. There are 45 frames between 272-317 and Greer's looking at Kennedy in those critical moments for 30 of those frames.


  1. Great research!


  2. The driver was in on it alright but his job was to slow the car down in the kill zone and that he did !!!

  3. I'm back with you in another guise on youtube-I think we fought off attacks on other forums and got banned Alienscientist etc?
    Anyway replied to Bob "bullshit" Harris on his other Youtube video:-

    "Bob Harris is a well known "disinformationist" who will throw a "wobbly" anytime someone has the affront to diagree with him.He is obviously well read, but given that he is, why continue with the disinfo?-anyone who has really put the effort in-and Harris says he has for 20+ years could not fail to spot the driver is the key to what happened.
    Well Bob, why don't you argue with the guy who has the driverkilledkennedy website?-because as he says- you can't.Why do you think your threads are popular Bob?-because you are on the nuclear subject that Greer shot the Pres-you know the one where people all fall out at the very mention of it, taboo in fact.
    Wonder why?
    Ah well you can ban me after this on your thread-but just to let you know-not everyone takes in your BS".