Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple geometry debunks the Grassy snow job by Oliver Stone

The driver has the only angle with which to create the right rear exit that was there.

Greer's angle was perfect.


  1. Brilliant post on what grassy knoll CT's fail to grasp: the angle from there would have caused an exit wound on the left side of JFK's head!
    If you observe in this YouTube video of Dealey Plaza today by a tourist titled "Kennedy's Last 100 Yards "

    At the 6:00-6:16 min mark the camera zooms from behind the fence from the grassy knoll to the X on Elm Street where the head shot occurred clearly showing the bullet would have crossed JFK's head exiting the left side of the head.

    Keep up your great work on this blog!

  2. That is the most important thing I have got out of your work - that the exit wound is on the wrong side for a "Grassy Knoll" shot.

    The shot to the temple had to come ahead or to Kennedy's left.

  3. If the fatal shot came from the left; Jackie was blocking a shot from the South knoll to JFK's head. A shot from straight ahead leads to the overpass where people were standing. The only logical conclusion left if there was an exit wound on the right rear of JFK's head is the driver Greer; pure & simple! "When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the answer."

  4. Up back and to the left tells anyone with any common sense that this shot came from beneath either from inside the car or the storm drain !!!