Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Royce Skelton's Warren Commission Testimony (back to the list of witnesses)

(Skelton was standing on the triple overpass)

Mr. BALL - Did you see the President's car turn on Elm Street?
Mr. SKELTON - Yes, sir; I saw the car carrying the Presidential flag turn.
Mr. BALL - And did you hear something soon after that?
Mr. SKELTON - Just about the same time the car straightened up - got around the corner - I heard two shots, but I didn't know at the time they were shots.
Mr. BALL - Where did they seem to come from?
Mr. SKELTON - Well, I couldn't tell then, they were still to far from where I was.
Mr. BALL - Did the shots sound like they came from where you were standing?
Mr. SKELTON - No, sir; definitely not. It sounded like they were right there - more or less like motorcycle backfire, but I thought that they were these dumb balls that they throw at the cement because I could see the smoke coming up off the cement.
Mr. BALL - You saw smoke come off the cement?
Mr. SKELTON - Yes.
Mr. BALL - Where did it seem to you that the sound came from, what direction?
Mr. SKELTON - Towards the President's car.
Mr. BALL - From the President's car.
Mr. SKELTON - right around the motorcycles and all that - I couldn't distinguish because it was too far away
Mr. BALL - How long did you stand there?
Mr. SKELTON - I stood there from about 12:15 until the time the President was shot.
Mr. BALL - How many shots did you hear?
Mr. SKELTON - I think I heard four - I mean - I couldn't be sure.
Mr. BALL - You think you heard four?

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