Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jean Hill describes the confusion jfk's killers were shooting for
Mr. SPECTER - You thought that perhaps the second burst of shots you heard were being directed toward him by the Secret Service?
Mrs. HILL - I Just thought, "Oh, goodness, the Secret Service is shooting back."

Mr. SPECTER - You did think there was more than one person shooting?
Mrs. HILL - Yes, sir
Mr. SPECTER - What made you think that?
Mrs. HILL - The way the 'gun report sounded and the difference in the way they were fired-the timing.

Mr. SPECTER - What was your impression as to the source of the second group of shots which you have described as the fourth, perhaps the fifth, and perhaps the sixth shot?
Mrs. HILL - Well, nothing, except that I thought that they were fired by someone else.
Mr. SPECTER - And did you have any idea where they were coming from?
Mrs. HILL - No; as I said, I thought they were coming from the general direction of that knoll.
Mr. SPECTER - Well, did you think that the Secret Service was firing them from that knoll?
Mrs. HILL - I said I didn't know-I really don't.
Mr. SPECTER - You just had the general impression that shots were coming from the knoll?
Mrs. HILL - Yes
Mr. SPECTER - And you had the general impression that the Secret Service was firing the second group of shots at the man who fired the first group of shots?
Mrs. HILL - That's right
Mr. SPECTER - But you had no specific impression as to the source of those shots?
Mrs. HILL - No.

Jean Hill saw Greer shoot back and heard what she thought were shots from the grassy knoll although the evidence supports only one shot fired from the fence immediately after Greer fired, to give him a distraction and witnesses an alternative account.

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