Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Independent researcher gets closer to truth in 2001

In 2001, researcher D. B. Thomas studied the dictabelt recording and also determined that a shot fired from the grassy knoll killed the President. His study indicated a total of five shots with a 96.3% probability as follows:

? = Z147 No match
1st Shot = Z175 TSBD (hit a curb)
2nd Shot = Z204 "Rogue Shot"
3rd Shot = Z224 TSBD (hit JFK and Connally)
4th Shot = Z312 Grassy Knoll (Fatal wound)
5th Shot = Z326 TSBD

My line up.

1. 147-160 missed
2. 225 from front hit Kennedy in throat
3. 234 Connally struck in back from behind
4. 313 Driver fires fatal shot
5. 323 give or take a few frames; a shot was fired from the fence/knoll immediately after Greer fired to confuse people standing on elm about the fatal shot coming from inside the limo. IT WAS A DUMMIE SHOT

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