Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Right rear blowout

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill was in a unique position to report on the location of the large defect. SSA Hill got a close-up look at the wound as he was riding on the back of limousine on the way to Parkland Hospital. In addition, Agent Hill was present in the trauma room where Parkland doctors were trying to save JFK's life. Then, hours later in Washington, D.C., Agent Hill was called to the morgue at Bethesda Hospital for the express purpose of viewing the President's wounds. And where did Agent Hill say the large defect was located? He said it was in the right rear part of the head. Newsman Roy Stamps saw Kennedy's body in the limousine at Parkland Hospital shortly before it was taken inside. He said,I rushed up and saw Kennedy lying in the car on his side. His foot was hanging over the side of the car. The back of his head was gone.

Nurse Doris Nelson was the Emergency Room supervisor at the time of the shooting. She assisted in treating the President, and helped prepare his body for placement in the coffin. When asked about one of the autopsy photos which show the back of the head intact, she replied,
It's not true. . . . There wasn't even hair back there. It was blown away. All that area was blown out.General Godfrey McHugh
, one of Kennedy's top aides and was in attendance at the autopsy. He got a very good look at the President's head wounds. McHugh unmistakably placed the large defect in the back of the head. When asked by to define what he meant by "back of the head," McHugh replied,
The portion that is in the back of the head, when you're lying down in the bathtub, you hit the back of the head.

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