Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Entrance Over The Right Eye
Dr. David Mantik, a radiation oncologist and physicist, is another doctor who has had the opportunity to study the original autopsy x-rays at the National Archives, and who has likewise concluded they show that two bullets struck the President in the skull, one from the front. Dr. Mantik notes that there is a "notch" in the right frontal bone, over the lateral orbit. "Such missing bone," says Dr. Mantik, "fits very well with a frontal entry at exactly this site." In addition, Dr. Mantik, in agreement with other experts, has observed that the two trails of fragments seen in the x-rays prove that two missiles must have struck the skull.

In anatomy, the orbital bone is the cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated.
The "orbit" can refer to the bony socket,[1] or it can also be used to also imply the contents.[2]
In the adult human, the volume of the orbit is 30 ml, of which the eye occupies 6.5 ml
The orbits are conical or four-sided pyramidal cavities, which open into the midline of the face and point back into the head. Each consists of a base, an apex and four walls. They are intended to protect the eye from mechanical injury.[4]
The base, which opens in the face, has four borders. The following bones take part in their formation:

Superior margin: frontal bone


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