Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jim Marrs...disinfo agent for government
This conpsiracy kook who promotes obvious nonsense published an article (just a few months ago) that blatantly lies about a very important fact in the film. GREER HAS BOTH HIS HANDS OFF THE WHEEL 4 seconds before he fires the fatal shot. He also places the gun in his left hand. This obvious truth is so scary to these kooks that they publish articles as recent as May, 2010. They are dreading the day when at least alot of people find out this shocking truth.

I have studied first-generation clear prints of the Zapruder film and it is apparent that while it may be questionable as to why Greer turned and looked back at Kennedy and then could not recall that fact for the Warren Commission, at no time did his two hands leave the steering wheel of the limousine. There are plenty of real conspiracies out there without dragging this old wheezer up again.

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