Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The government supports conspiracy in late 70's

The HSCA said there were 4 shots and gave two scenarios based on the dpd radio analysis. One of their scenarios had a shot coming after the fatal shot which is what the evidence suggests.

1st shot = Z157 - Z161 TSBD
2nd shot = Z188 - Z191 TSBD
3rd shot = Z295 - Z296 Grassy Knoll
4th shot = Z312 TSBD

The HSCA went with the above scenario in the late 70's.

1st shot = Z173 - Z177 TSBD
2nd shot = Z205 -Z208 TSBD
3rd shot = Z312 Grassy Knoll
4th shot = Z328 - Z329 TSBD

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  1. JFK was hit at least four times.
    The autopsy photo of JFKs back show two bullet wounds, one shot entry, one shot exit. The Z film shows JFKs head been hit two times,one in the back of head pushing his head slightly forward before the other a frontal shot,[ Head explodes and pushed up and back } both shots almost together also his entire body is lifted up with the force of the frontal exploding bullet { Dum Dum } and thrown back violently into his wife, Jackie. If you look at the way JFKs right arm moves, after the head explosion shot, you will see this Arm movement as only happening from a forward frontal object with momentum. NOT A MAGIC BULLET BUT A HIDDEN BULLET
    Final further proof. LHO did not kill your President. He was not firing from this direction !!!Kinna blows the MAJGIC Bullet theory to bits..